Scheme and procedure for organizing activities to prepare for the visit to the Exclusion Zone and Zone of Unconditional (Mandatory) Resettlement

SE «Center for Organizational, Technical and Information Support of the Exclusion Zone Management» (SE «COTIS») provides reception and information support to foreign, Ukrainian visitor groups and individual citizens who come to the Exclusion zone for educational purposes.

Applications for permission to visit the Exclusion Zone are accepted exclusively through the Electronic Ticket system

The following routes operate in the Exclusion zone:

№ 1 Checkpoint Dytyatky - village Cherevach - village Zalissia – city of Chornobyl [More details]
№ 2 city of Chornobyl (site near St. Elias Church) [More details]
№ 3 city of Chornobyl (memorial «To those who Saved the World», St. Elias Church, «The Wormwood Star» Memorial Complex) [More details]
№ 4 city of Chornobyl - village Paryshiv [More details]
№ 5 city of Chornobyl - ChNPP - Vector Complex (Clean Zone) - Buryakivka site (RadWaste Disposal Point (Clean Zone) [More details]
№ 6 city of Chornobyl - ChNPP – cooling pond [More details]
№ 7 city of Chornobyl – city of Pripyat [More details]
№ 8 city of Chornobyl - Chornobyl -2 [More details]
№ 9 city of Chornobyl - Krasne [More details]
№ 10 city of Chornobyl - Polissya [More details]
№ 11 city of Chornobyl – «Skazochny» square [More details]№ 12 Checkpoint Dytyatky - Bychky village – Zamoshnya village
№ 13 ChNPP - Yaniv Station - Novoshepelychi - Lubyanka
№ 14 Chornobyl - Left Bank of Pripyat river - Ladyzhychi - Teremtsy
№ 15 leads to chronicle Chornobyl of the X-XIII centuries, the Chornobyl Castle of the XVIII-XVIII centuries, the ancient cemetery and the Dominican monastery of the XVIII century. Visitors will also be able to see the historical descents of Chornobyl that led to Podil, and the territory of archaeological sites.


The group organizer, after registering with the Electronic Ticket system, submits the application by filling in the form.

The application must contain the following information:

Last name, name, patronymic, nationality, passport data or other identity document for each member of the group, legal details of the individual or institution arranging the visit;

  • the purpose of the visit is indicated in the comment;
  • time of visit (time and date of entry and departure);
  • the nature and amount of information the visitor (for official delegations) wishes to receive is indicated in the comment;
  • persons scheduled to meet (for official delegations - if necessary) are indicated in the comment;
  • make and state number of the vehicle the group is riding by;
  • the application provides comprehensive answers to all starred questions, without abbreviations.

In addition, the application confirms the fact of familiarization with the rules for visitors of the Exclusion zone and zone of unconditional (mandatory) resettlement, the absence of medical contraindications for persons in the Exclusion zone (in conditions of ionizing radiation), confirmation that the radiation dose received in a year does not exceed 0.9 mSv, agreeing with the terms of service delivery for visiting the Chornobyl NPP and giving consent to processing of their personal data.

Typical program
Of one-day visit for delegations and individuals to the exclusion zone

08.30-09.00 departure from Kyiv

10.30-11.00 pass through Dytiatky police and dosimetry control checkpoint on the border of the 30-km Exclusion Zone (exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (mandatory resettlement), passport check, instruction of radiation safety rules and briefing with envoy officer of SE Technical and Information Support Management Center of the exclusion zone, insurance papers check.

Note. During the briefing visitors shortly informed about the exclusion zone (including ChNPP), problems of the area, get acquainted with the main directions of works performed in the exclusion zone by enterprises of the State Exclusion Zone Agency.

11.30-14.00 Sightseeing tour to the 10 km Zone of following objects (in accordance with route):
Chernobyl town - Memorial "To Those who Saved the World" – "Leliv" checkpoint – drive to Chernobyl NPP through almost fully buried Kopachi village – drive around Chernobyl NPP – stop near observation deck of "Shelter" object ("Sarcofagus") – visiting observation pavilion – drive to "ghost" town Pripyat - sightseeing Pripyat town (no entry to the buildings) – object "Chernobyl- 2" – "Leliv" checkpoint (radiation check) – drive to Chernobyl town.

14.00 Visiting Paryshiv village (Opachychi village, Kupuvate village) and meeting the local inhabitants (so called "re-settlers") – elderly people who refused to be evacuated and leave their native homes after the disaster. Seeing conditions of their life and problems they have. Drive to Chernobyl town.

15.00 Sightseeing Chernobyl town: Wormwood Star memorial, St. Ilya Church, Memorial "To Those who Saved the World", photo stop at the place with robots and vehicles used to clean the radioactive fallout.

16.00 Lunch at the Chernobyl canteen (ecologically clean).

16.45 Departure from Chernobyl town

17.00 Pass through "Dytiatky" checkpoint

A letter sample

Ref. № 1789 (for organizations)

In attention of
the State agency of Ukraine on
Exclusion zone management


We ask you to assist us in organizing the visit to the exclusion zone and the zone of absolute (compulsory) resettlement with educational purpose for public:


Date of visit:

The list of objects of a visit include:

• Sightseeing Chernobyl: memorial "To those who saved the world" Memorial "Wormwood Star", Saint Ilia Church.
• The observation point of "Shelter object"
• Villages: Kopachi and Zalissia, Korogod, Opachychi, Kupovate .
• Review of Pripyat with capturing the central area of the city, amusement park and stadium.
• Object Chernobyl-2, photography.
• Visit the resetlers in the village Paryshiv.

Tour Members acquainted with the rules of stay in the zone.

The aforementioned persons have no medical contraindications to stay in an area with high levels of ionizing radiation.

The terms of payment are familiar and payment guarantee.



Thank you in advance, Name and contact information

The ORDER of MOE of Ukraine on November 2, 2011. № 1157 on approval of visiting the exclusion zone and zone of absolute (compulsory) resettlement.


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